Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1:

Q. I just submitted an application to join ALOA. When will I be an official ALOA member and added to ""??

A. All membership applications are treated equally and are processed in the order received. Applications normally take one to two weeks to process. Within one week of processing, you should receive a notice of acceptance. At this point your name is published in Keynotes for review by existing members. Upon final clearance (90-120 days after acceptance) you will receive a welcome packet including a permanent membership card and certificate. At that time, you may log into the members only sectionof and fill out the lock search form to be listed on This is a good time to make sure the ALOA logo is evident on your shop window, service vehicles and business cards, as these customers expect to be contacting an ALOA member.

Question 2:

Q. I renewed my membership as soon as I received my dues notice, but I haven't received an updated membership card. Should I contact ALOA and check on my renewal to see if there's a problem?

A. Yes, unless it has been less than six weeks. The updated cards are printed off-site and this is the normal delivery schedule. Be assured, your membership status is not affected in any way.

Question 3:

Q. I'm late paying my dues. When will I no longer be considered an active member?

A. ALOA dues bills go out in late October and non-renewing members are dropped from at the end of the first quarter of the new year. At that time, the member is no longer "current". If you want to retain your current status and are just delayed in renewing exactly on schedule, contact the office and explain your situation. We'll try to work with you to keep you on the rolls.

Question 4:

Q. When are year pins mailed out?

A. All year pins are mailed out at the same time. We do the mailing in mid- to late April. Each member receives his or her pin before convention. Wear them with pride!

Question 5:

Q. Why doesn't ALOA offer group health insurance as a benefit?

A. Currently, ALOA does not offer a health plan for its members to join because we would have to comply with 50 individual state insurance regulations, thereby making the cost prohibitive. This is a benefit ALOA is interested in providing when the law changes, and there are lobbying efforts underway that may well result in such a change under federal ERISA laws. Check the Legislative Bulletin for frequent updates.

Question 6:

Q. Who qualifies as a retired member?

A. Any person who has withdrawn from the security industry, held an active membership with ALOA for 15 years and is at least 62 years of age qualifies for retired membership status. Also, if at any point in time an active member becomes disabled and is no longer able to work, he or she may qualify for retired status regardless or age or length of membership. (Those members submit a doctor's statement for review.)

Question 7:

Q. I haven't been an ALOA member for several years and now I want to re-join and still have my old membership number. Is this possible?

A. If your membership expired 3 years or less, reinstate your membership by paying the reinstatement dues in the ALOA online Store. You must create an account if you have not made any previous purchases in the Store, or if you have forgotten your login and password. For memberships expired more than 3 years, print membership application from website (Membership), complete it and submit with application fee to the address, email or fax number on the form.

Question 8:

Q. Sometimes I want to photocopy or fax a technical article in KEYNOTES and have trouble doing so because of the background color or artwork. Could the design for these articles be more “copy friendly”? I think this would also increase readability.

A. We’ve had several members express this concern and it does seem practical to design these features with additional usage and maximum readability in mind. Our designer has agreed to make this a priority. ALOA is glad that its members find the material in KEYNOTES of enough value to reuse it.