ALOA Logos

1) Use the EPS files for advertising specialties (pens, caps, shirts, etc.), signage, and nearly everything else printed on paper or screen printed/etched on an item.

2) Use the JPG files for digital output (websites, PowerPoint...anything that will be viewed on a computer screen)

3) Use of the ALOA Logo is contingent upon maintaining a current membership in ALOA.  If you are no longer a current member you MUST  cease usage of the ALOA logo or face possible litigation.

Right click on the links below and click on "Save Link as.." to save to your computer.

ALOA Corporate Logo - EPS Format
ALOA Corporate Logo - JPG Format
ALOA Locksmiths Logo - EPS Format
ALOA Locksmiths Logo - JPG Format
ALOA Security Pros Logo - EPS Format
ALOA Security Pros Logo - JPG Format